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Heart of Vegas

As Much a Math Problem as It’s a Creative Problem

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Creative Quality Measurement
ROAS Testing
Scaled Winners

Why is it a Math Problem?

> 95% of the ads will fail, with extremely low win rates

Ads Auction changes monthly, prior winners may fatigue quickly

Volume based ad production is

70/30 split between new concepts vs iterations to balance volume

Generative AI Magic Tools

Creative X Ray
Segment & Tag Objects Automatically
Detect, Remove, or Replace Objects
Draw Inspiration from Competitors
Measurement & Incrementality
Legal Compliance
magic tools

Creative AI Video Products

Data-Driven Ads
Data-Driven Ads
Avatar Ads
Voice & Text Overlays
Personalized Ads

Unleash Your Creative Potential!

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Data-Driven Network-Specific Ads

Data-Driven Network-Specific Ads

Win Network Specific Ads Auctions

Win Network Specific Ads Auctions

Resonate Ads with Unique Audiences

Resonate Ads with Unique Audiences

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What Information Is AI Considering for Ad Production?

Generative AI analyzing creative tags and objects for ad production

Creative Tags & Objects

Generative AI considers gameplay data for effective ad production


Generative AI takes creative emotions for compelling ad production

Creative Emotions

Creativity, Elegantly Streamlined:Performance-driven assets, streamlined workflows, creative brilliance.

Winning Concepts

High-Performing Creatives:Innovative ideas, enhanced UX, data-driven for high ROI

Engagement Curves

Music Wavelengths

 Creative Strategy: Strategic insights, research, and audience analysis for maximum impact.

Scene Transitions

Seamless Collaboration:Unified goals, persistent performance excellence, empowered resources.

End Cards

How to Gain a Competitive Edge with Generative AI?

Empower your artists for generating new concepts, while leveraging AI to exploit the DNA of a winning ad!

Generate Creatives  6X faster with Creative AI

Generate Creatives 6x Faster

Increase your Creative win rates with Creative AI

Increase your creative win-rates

Exploit the DNA of a Winning Ad

Exploit the DNA of a Winning Ad

 Exceed your ROAS targets with data-driven advertising

Exceed your ROAS targets

How to Get Started?

Steps to Get Started: Share Permissions, Set KPI and Production Package, Receive High-Performing Ads

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